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  • Games and Activities for Teachers
  • CRAAP Test (5 Steps)
  • 6 Posters Blooms Taxonomy
  • 17 Principles of Effective Instruction (Rosenshine)
  • 150 Teaching Methods
  • Active Learning
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Using Video in e-Learning
  • Quizlet
  • Polls Everywhere
  • Screencastify (Google Widget)
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Pics
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Translate vs
  • Addie model page 10-12 instructional preferences Course assessment form
  • Advice to New Teachers: Turn it Inside Out
  • Career Tips… 3 cards
  • Merlot Pedagogy Portal
  • COURSE DESIGN MATERIALS Systematic Instructional Design Activity
  • Habits of Mind
  • ISTE NET Standards
  • Metacognition Carousel
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • UBD and Template Design
  • Rubric for Rubrics
  • SI Showcase Collaborative Techniques
  • SIT AND GET Professional Learning Strategies That Engage The Adult Brain
  • SOTL Quick Reference Guide and Boyer’s Model of Scholarship for Faculty
  • Substitute Teach Handbook (6-12 Grade)
  • How to Teach (Almost) Anybody (Almost) Anything
  • Teaching Tips (Hawaii College)
  • Tips for Online Course Design (Strategies for your course development F2F and Online)
  • What’s in Your Syllabus
  • World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages
  • Your Personal Style Activity for Teachers (Activity)
  • The Anatomy of Any Teaching Style (Teaching Physical Education)
  • Canvas (LMS)

I volunteered, worked, and supported efforts of the following institutions:

Islamic Community of Zenica, Bosnia

Bosniak Culture Institute

International Organization for Relief, Welfare and Development

French Humanitarian Agency

International Medical Corps

International Rescue Committee

Unites States Agency for International Development

World Health Organization

United Nations World Health Organization

St. Louis Community College

University of Missouri - St. Louis

Webster University

Interrupting the Cycle of Hate-Breeds-Hate

Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. louis

World Affairs Council

Jewish Muslim Day of Service St Louis

Sarajevo 450

Islamic Relief

Ramadan At Webster

Taste of Culture at Webster University

Heifer International

History Alive Lindbergh High School (Bosnian War 1991-1995)

New Creation International

Heifer International

Awareness Through the Body (ATB) Workshops (Goals)

Design, test, and support the instruction of innovative professional development workshops for academic instructor training. I have experience with emerging instructional initiatives and technologies.
Have the ability to conduct research on training and educational strategies, processes, and technologies that could assist in the professional development of instructors. Have experience with Experiential, Mastery, and Reflective Learning. Versed in instructional best practices that minimize the use of direct instruction (lecture) in favor of Socratic methodologies and other techniques known to accelerate learner acquisition of higher-level cognitive skills. I have experience in instructional tactics and scenario-based learning methods and role-playing. Have a comprehensive knowledge of the training and education process; this includes knowledge of and policies that govern training and education objectives. Have a general understanding of the academic research effort. Have the ability to effectively brief recommended / actionable training and education solutions that improve and enhance the professional development of instructors. I have experience coordinating and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders involved in a training and education process. Have the ability to write documents and instructional materials at both research and instructional level. 


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