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Build Your Online Image | Portfolio User Guide

Update your LinkedIn Profile

The Skills/Qualities Employers Want

See ideas below and start now

Create a Screencast with Google Screencastify 

Create a professional website (online presence) using Growth Mindset and resources below:
Remember, you can combine all the above to create a more detailed solution.

The suggested list of pages for your professional website (online presence):
  • About
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Current Project
  • Contact
Find online examples of Bio (one paragraph, 100 words, summarise important things you want others to know about your professionally and personally).

Update Your resume with words that you find in job search ads.
Check Job Market and find words used by job recruiters 
List your current projects and past project.  Write for each project up to 100 words describing what you did for the project.  Think of words that might be selling points for online visitors.

For contact information list your phone number, email, Skype, messenger, Viber, Whatsup, or other media for live communication and video conferencing.  Direct communication is preferred.

Study what is happening in your industry.  Check media and conferences for current trends and use those trends as your starting points of reflection for your continuing education.  Use the terminology and concepts that reflect your experiences and see where do you want to head with your career. Visit

What are some major players in your industry? What are the major professional organisations in your country and worldwide? What do you learn from those organisations about your next learning goals? What are the words or key terms used on those websites and what do you have in common?  Are you member of any of those organisations?  Do you subscribe to their newsletters?

Make videos with your mobile devices or a computer.
Wistia Library (Video Marketing Lessons)
Edit your videos with
Share your videos with or

Schedule your Interviews, Sales, Teaching/Coaching/Training Sessions, Video Conferencing, or Consultations with:


Facebook Messenger

Videos (Promotional Materials, Create Opening and Closing Clip with )
Build Your Brochure
Online (Fillable) Form(s)
Business Cards
QR Code

Keep/Share/Delegate using

Ideas Worth Spreading
Ideas Worth Sharing
The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

National Association of Foreign Student Advisers
How to Create a Portfolio
The Center for Portfolio Development and Internship
Gantt chart is a critical project management tool for anyone working on a project
Easy Media Lists


Here is an example of a Good Online Presence



Google Sites


See What They Offer on their websites...Use is as a clue for yourself.

Learn and Use HTML5

And don't forget to build your business plan.

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